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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ask The Tough Questions....

My beautiful wife and I live on a pretty small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean...It's 48 miles long and 26 miles wide at it's widest point...When the United States overthrew the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1893, and imprisoned Queen Lili'uokalani, a difficult journey began to transition to a country with many many more issues than the Hawaiian Kingdom...I've referenced some facts at the bottom of the Blog...Check it out man...

Dig this...At the same time (1893) the U.S. was doing what they do best (ie taking over!), the United States, consisting of 44 states, 88 Senators, and 356 members of the House of Representatives, were in what they called The Panic of 1893...Let me know if this sounds familiar....Unemployment was at 11.7% and the economy was failing fast....

Panic of 1893

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Panic of 1893 was a serious economic depression in the United States that began in that year.[1] Similar to the Panic of 1873, this panic was caused by railroad overbuilding and shaky railroad financing which set off a series of bank failures. Compounding market overbuilding and a railroad bubble was a run on the gold supply and a policy of using both gold and silver metals as a peg for the US Dollar value. Until the Great Depression, the Panic of 1893 was the worst depression the United States had ever experienced.

Again, sound familiar? You can check out the rest of this story at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panic_of_1893

Now to the point of this Blog....Sorry I got off on a little tangent AGAIN....

My point is that some of the cats and chics that are "in charge" of the big and small governments, haven't learned, or don't care, what works and what doesn't work to govern...The Panic of 1893 was only one example of many in the past 117 years, with both democratic and republican administrations doing the same destructive things over and over and over and over again....

I don't have the answers man, but guess what, the people asking for our votes should....I see so many politicians that look alike, sound alike, smell alike, and lie alike. It's time we start asking the tough questions...Heavy pressure needs to be put on everyone asking for a vote...Here's what happens, at least in the last 117 years, when some hotshot decides to run for some office and makes all these great promises to fix everything....Picture these scenarios in your minds...

Politician: "If I'm elected, I promise to balance the budget, create jobs, kill our enemies, stop the war, and offer everyone health care..."

Voter: "Oh man..That's far out!"

And that's usually about as far as it goes, especially if the voter happens to be in the same party....Now, dig this, here is a "pressurized" conversation and it doesn't matter what party anyone is in....The voter could say:

Voter: "Hey man...Break it down..How are you going to balance the budget, create jobs, kill our enemies, stop the war, and offer us health care...Oh, by the way man, what if my enemies are different than your enemies? What if I don't have any enemies man?"

Politician: "That's a good question citizen...I speak of the enemies of our country and of peace and of Christianity..."

Voter: "I don't know any of those cats...Who are they and what did they do man?"

Politician: "Well, ahhhh....They ahhhh....They're building weapons that jeopardize peace...Uhhhhh, just one more question, then I have to go to my $1000 per plate dinner....."

Voter: "Whose peace is being jeopardized man? Until we create peace, don't they need weapons to protect themselves, like we have? How many people are dead now for this peace you're talking about?"

Politician: "Thanks for coming everyone...I appreciate your support and your vote...God bless the United States of America..."

Voter: "Wait a minute man...we need answers on how you're going to do all these groovy things you promise..."

You wouldn't go into business without a detailed business plan...Why do we allow these people, that are deep into our business, into an important position without asking the tough questions...In the scenario above, the voter should be on the phone to the politician the very next day, putting the pressure on again by asking how, and when, and what happens if you don't, and how can you when so many others before you couldn't? These tough questions will help narrow the playing field...The ones that don't have the answers that satisfy you, write them off and move on...

Can you imagine how many politicians would turn and run after being embarrassed and humiliated because they couldn't answer the "how"? Now dig this, you have to share everything you learned from these tough questions, with every person you know, and they need to share it with everyone they know! If you and your friends and your family can't go to these political meetings, and town halls, and debates, and fund raisers, call these candidates on the phone or email them or Tweet them or Facebook them or text them or write them...If they don't contact you back, don't vote for them! If they can't accomplish the simple task and consideration of responding to your tough questions and concerns, why should you vote for them to represent you? Until we have a more effective and efficient system of government, vote for the "person", not the party....

"It's up to us man!"

This is just a little far out factoid about the Hawaiian islands....

The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom

The USS Boston's landing force on duty at the Arlington Hotel, Honolulu, at the time of the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy, January 1893. Lieutenant Lucian Young, USN, commanded the attachment, and is presumably the officer at the right...

Date: January 17, 1893
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Result: Annexationist Victory

  • Hawaiian Surrender
  • Provisional Government Established
  • Queen Lili'uokalani Relinquishes Power


 United States - Hawaiian League                Hawaii Kingdom of Hawaii

Commanders and Leaders.....

 Lorrin A. Thurston                                      Hawaii Lydia Lili'uokalani
 John L. Stevens                                         Hawaii Samuel Nowlein
                                                                           Hawaii Charles B. Wilson


 1 Cruiser, USS Boston                               Hawaii 496 Troops
 1500 Militiamen                                         Hawaii 85-110 Police
 162 U.S. Navy and USMC                           Hawaii 332-337 Royal Guard
                                                                           Hawaii 8-14 Artillery Pieces
                                                                           Hawaii 1 Gatling Gun


 None                                                          Hawaii 1 Wounded

Peace my friends and family...I don't expect everyone to agree with my thoughts and solutions...I'll be solid if my thoughts just help one more person make a positive change toward peace...Share this Blog with everyone you can...The more thought, the more debate, the more debate, the more solutions.....Peace

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  1. Brother, you need more exposure so that you can teach more voters to THINK.

    We're having a mayoral election in our city soon. One candidate, a real buffoon, has past DUI charges and other charges that he "forgot" about when initially questioned about them by the media. This same fellow's office accidentally sent out a response e-mail to a member of the public with "Insert vague response" as the body of the message. He has various scandals to his name. Which candidate is this? The leading candidate. I don't think our voters are asking the right questions, if they're asking any questions at all.