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Saturday, May 29, 2010

BP Stands For Bread Producer....

Those of you cats that are too young to remember, bread is slang for money...BP (British Petroleum) has enough bread to influence the Federal, State, and local Governments, build eco-UN-friendly structures, buy other companies that might compete or to monopolize an industry (which used to be against the law), all in the name of profit...Now, get ready man, here comes the grit.....We "the people", including some hippies, allow this to happen! Can you dig it? It's up to us to make enough noise to stop what we know is, or will be, a disaster...

There are terrible accidents like a cow kicking over a lantern in 1871 which caused a huge Chicago fire that killed 250 people, left 98,500 people homeless, and destroyed 18,000 buildings, what a drag. The city of Chicago was completely rebuilt by 1875 (4 years)! Hmmmmm? When did Katrina blast through?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just Add One Finger....

The difference between holding up your middle finger Middle Finger emoticon (Middle Finger Emoticons) as a reaction to something versus just adding your index finger to the mix  could change the world. 

A couple of years ago I was driving my 1968 Volkswagen bus down St. Michaels Drive in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was 5:15 pm and traffic was heavy with tired, anxious people maneuvering their shiny cars and trucks, trying to get home or get to happy hour or get to their second job. I noticed a large beige four door Oldsmobile through my rear view mirror. The driver was a nicely dressed guy with his long sleeves buttoned down to his wrists. He had a blue stripped tie on that hadn't been loosened around his neck. His short black hair was groomed and crisp. I, of course, was in my typical attire, shorts and a tank top. My hair was long and pulled back in a ponytail, far from groomed and crisp. The cat behind me was visibly upset. Although he was alone, his actions were that of a man yelling and ready to fight another. Then it came to me. This cat was mad at me! He was mad because he couldn't pass my VW bus. I was in the slow lane, which is where I like to be, and because my bus and I are one, we just cruise. The angry man couldn't change lanes because there was too much traffic. So together, me and the angry man just cruised nice and slow. For what seemed like 100 miles, but really only a couple, he continued to yell at me and thrust his upper body back and forth as if that was going to make my incapable bus go faster. Finally the angry, red-faced, sweaty man that held his steering wheel so tight his knuckles turned bright white, was able to move quickly into the fast lane. I had my window down and the wing window open because that was the only way to "air condition" the bus. So there we were, me with the shorts and tank top and long hair tied back in a ponytail at one with my 1968 VW bus, and a very animated angry well dressed business man, well groomed with crisp hair, that I didn't know, in a large fast Oldsmobile. He is now slowly approaching my bus. I can now see him in my side view mirror. He is trying hard to see who or what was driving this slow hippie bus

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Comment to OFA

Thanks for the opportunity to share some thoughts. I'm a veteran from the Vietnam era. My brother is as well. He and I saw no combat, but of course had friends that did. My father, he passed a few years ago, saw and heroically participated in combat during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. He spent 30 years of his life serving this country. Up until a few years ago, he was refused at VA hospitals and told he had to go to base facilities. The base, Luke Air Force Base, was much further away than the VA hospital but like a good soldier, he did as he was told. My brother and I used to use the VA hospital until years ago when they said any ailment or injury had to be service related. That's just a little history of my family that consist of proud soldiers and supportive siblings and spouses, that struggle to this day.

Healthcare is an issue with me personally. I've had two heart attacks and I'm disabled with complications from diabetes. My wife and I pay for our health insurance with no assistance. My insurance, of course, has very high premiums and deductibles. The medications I must take, according to the Doctors, cost me $2500 a year with insurance. When you add my wife's healthcare, we're forced to make unpleasant financial decisions to keep the meds flowing.

When I discuss healthcare with others, it usually starts out pretty good. Most people, I find, have healthcare issues. They're willing to discuss their own issues and thoughts but as soon as the conversation becomes a discussion of political parties or specific politicians or political views, people tend to clam up and just vote with their party. In my opinion, it's very frustrating because

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Spirit of Aloha Exists....

Aloha Ko'u Hoaloha (My friends)....How does one spread the spirit of aloha to those who need it the most, and have never experienced it? How do I share it with the guy disrespecting the aina (land) by tossing his trash out of his bright red convertible rental car. How do I share it with a world leader that is proud and smiles and gloats, on television in front of families, about killing a high ranking enemy that happens to be a father, son, uncle and brother?

These are just two extremely different examples and I realize , in our existing world, it takes more than aloha, but, I guarantee it's a critical start. The spirit of aloha is called many things. Some call it kindness, thoughtfulness, care, consideration, unselfishness, respect, there are many. The good news is that whatever you choose to call this powerful "thing", it exists and it's contagious. As powerful as it is, it has a difficult time penetrating the layers and layers of greed, possessions, envy, ego, mistrust, disbelief, and deceit.

It's not too late. There are so many things that need to be discussed, questioned, prioritized, resolved, and shared. There is truly power in numbers!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Where's the LOVE?

I wish we had (some) of this communication technology back in the 60s and 70s....The people's voice could have been so much louder than just emotional protests and sit-ins, although, our methods were somewhat effective. This is my first attempt at blogging. My hopes are that maybe a few more people with similar thoughts and concerns can join with those with different thoughts to come up with ideas and solutions to enlighten the world rule makers.