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Friday, March 23, 2018

Final Resting Place

Wow! Dig this....This is my final resting place...It's called Huialoha in the Village of Kaupo...I hope you all can visit sometime!

This is our favorite place in the whole world!


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Brain Cells

For the past few months I've been on an acid trip, with no acid! I see and hear things that aren't there...I sleep a lot and wake up with weird visions...My brain Doctor said this is normal...If this is normal, I'm groovy with that...I'm diggin' it!

My wife, Maureen, stays informed about Alzheimer's..She does a lot of research..I think she knows more about it than the Dr's...
Dig this, I'm not fully convinced that my brain issues haven't been self-induced! I put my body and brain through hell over the years..I don't remember most of my past but the stories I've heard shock even me!

My generation were risk-takers and had an experimental desire...Everyone has heard the mantra "Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'N
Roll", which really captured my time in this world...I'm sure I lost plenty of brain cells throughout my young adulthood! I wouldn't change a thing...Mom, it was your amazing patience, your fairness, and your unconditional love that allowed me to survive those years...

Wow man, it's gone from partying for days at a time to listening to my music, messing with my 68' VW Bus, and listening to my
grand-sons trying to show me how to play their favorite video games...Still, I wouldn't change a thing!

Living day to day, on the edge of reality, isn't so bad...Sometimes I'll say or do something silly and we can all laugh about it...This is my life right now, and guess what man, still I wouldn't change a thing! Mahalo (Thanks) for reading...This need I have to share right now will hopefully go away soon!

Maluhia (Peace)
Aloha (Love)

Mike, Pepa, Dad, Son, Brother, Husband, Uncle, Cousin, and Friend...

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Family is a Blessing!

I haven't posted anything in a long time...I need to share things about my family and friends while I can...I'm loosing touch with reality! Is this what happens when you turn 60 years old? I’ve already lived the best part of my life and I wouldn’t change a thing! Between the Dementia and Lohi (I named my brain tumor Lohi), I struggle keeping things together...

I forgot when my birthday is...Thank Goodness my amazing wife, Maureen, keeps on top of things...I could have missed out on some great stuff! I know I have brain issues and that's OK...Mo, Maureen, is my memory...Weekly, at a restaurant or grocery store, someone comes up to me with big smiles and starts chatting like I've known them forever...Once I bullshit my way through a conversation with them, and they finally leave, Mo tells me a story about who they are and how I know them...We just laugh about it...

I wish I could remember more about my friends and family...My sister, Susan, created a storybook about me and the Richardson
(Dad) and Perkins (Mom) history...I reference that book a lot...That book might be the reason I see my dad more than I probably should, because when he does visit me, he looks like the 30 year old soldier I see in the book...Oh yeah, I guess I should mention that he's been dead for 10 years!

I've been so blessed with a wonderful family which was part of the deal when I married Mo, 15 years ago..These kids and grand-kids will always be considered my own..I love them all very much..I don't want my family, especially Mo, to have to deal with the kind of man I'm becoming..I'd like to get my care figured out soon, before I start talking to my bus or start wearing my boxers as a hat!

Even with all this crap going on right now, I have a feeling of calmness and assurance that everything is going to be just fine with me and my family...For some reason, everything seems like it's all on the right track...It could just be the plethora of drugs I'm on these days!

Everything is just groovy and that's that!

Maluhia (Peace) and Aloha (Love)

Mike, your son, brother, husband, uncle, Pepa, dad, and most of all your friend

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Fix the USA first man...

The United States cannot fix the world...It shouldn't try, ever! The USA is not the same as any other country, it's different and broken...The United States cannot honestly council other countries and cultures on peace, freedom, and democracy, because "they" have not successfully counseled and guided the plethora of citizens, non-citizens, races, and cultures living within their borders...

There is so much attention and media given to racial divide, gender divide, prisoner divide, and what's next, age divide? "Soylent Green is People"!!! (look it up!)...Negative attention brings negative results...Take the media away from racial activist, pro female/male activists (dangit! pissed off another one..), religious activists, Presidential candidates, and sexual preference activists, they fall like ripe mangoes from the tree!

Personally, I could give a groovy shit who you worship, who you vote for, and who or what you want to sleep with...

Dig this...I just read that some of the members of the group Black Lives Matter are going to Rio to promote their cause...Really? They believe that everything is groovy in the United States so they're ready to move on to Brazil? Take care of business in the United States first man! What successful record do they have to share with Brazil? None!

The murder rate, overall in the United States, has gone down...It's still the highest in the entire world at over 14,000 people in 2014 according to the FBI...I can't find any 2015 numbers yet...Anyway man, here are some numbers for murder only in the United States in 2014...There were 3,021 white people murdered and 2,451 black people murdered...The rest of the numbers were for "other"...The offenders for the white people murdered were 2,488 white and 446 black...The offenders for the black people murdered were 187 white and 2,205 black...Are the Black Lives Matter protesting against their own? Looks like whites are killing whites and blacks are killing blacks..

Stop the nonsense man! If you're living within the borders of the United States, put your energy and your spirit and your power into fixing your own first...Someone needs to have the strength and pride in this country to tell other countries that we're broke, we're busy with our own, and we'll help you after we fix our own!

My solution is simple, but unfortunately, we're way beyond sitting across a beautiful Koa wood table with the powers that can change the world, in Jeans and tee-shirts (tie-dye), smoking a little Maui Wowie! Wouldn't that be far out?


Friday, July 15, 2016

Pissed Off!!

Here on Maui, we're somewhat protected from the crap that happens around the world...That doesn't mean that the center of our being isn't affected by all of the chaos and killing...I am pissed off because there is nothing I/we can do...The United States has done nothing but talk about rights and the protection of questionable foreigners in our country...The French were attacked because they are our allies! Women and children, which is common in these terrorist attacks, were brutally killed...

This culture, this enemy, is worse than the Vietnamese when it comes to Martyrism...Now is the time when we, the United States, have to decide what's more important, politics, wealth, or lives...We know who the enemy is...We know where they live...If the United States doesn't utilize the weapons and technology available to destroy this constant threat, without the concern of unfortunate collateral damage, we will continue to be mourners, not victors...

It's amazing and disappointing to me that our world hasn't gone beyond the reasoning we create to kill, to believe that this will accomplish anything! For years now, the United States has tried to be the good guy, without success...We spend a stupid amount of time and money on dealing with Black Lives Matter, LGBT, Mexicans, Muslims, and able working homeless, and we can't stop these killers?

Damn I'm pissed! Take the dang politics out of the decision to take swift and intense action against anyone or any group that threaten our lives...I've grown with peace and love as the answer to all, and I'll continue to hope...Unfortunately, the times and enemy have changed since Kent State (look it up) so our confrontation strategy has to change...

Forget NATO, forget allies, forget politics....Do what is right for the United States, and their citizens, to protect them first...Stand alone! As a hippie, sometimes with a hemp induced fever, I truly hope that WORLD PEACE would come to fruition someday soon... Unfortunately, we're going backwards, not forward toward peace with other races, cultures, and religions...I'll be on my little island, hopefully safe from the world, thinking and praying for humanity...